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To ensure the highest quality products, we use high-quality raw materials. Our quality auditors thoroughly examine the raw materials about different quality criteria before purchase. On-time delivery of your orders is guaranteed because we have one of the most advanced transport facilities. Buyers can contact us to purchase top-of-the-line high-quality Fresh Green Coconut at coffer-friendly costs! The highest-quality and verified inputs are used to manufacture our final products. As a reputable brand, we only choose approved vendors to source the highest quality raw ingredients. We provide Fresh Green Coconut, which has high water levels that helps fight the effects of dehydration during extreme summer temperatures..


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In a study from 2015, rats with diabetes that were treated with coconut water maintained better blood sugar levels than the control group. The same study also found that the rats given coconut water had lower levels of hemoglobin A1c, indicating better long-term blood sugar control.


Drink after exercise to boost hydration.

Enjoy any time of day. ...

Mix it with other drinks. ...

Use caution if you have chronic kidney disease or take ACE inhibitors as those individuals need to limit their potassium.

Avoid if you are pregnant.


Carbs: 15 grams

Sugar: 8 grams

Calcium: 4% of the daily value (DV)

Magnesium: 4% of the DV

Phosphorus: 2% of the DV

Potassium: 15% of the DV


Drinking coconut water can be a part of a healthy diet as it helps you stay hydrated while being low in calories and being free of fats and cholesterol.

While comparable to sports drinks, which can be loaded with added sugars and flavorings, coconut water is low in calories and carbs.

Most people don’t get enough potassium in their diet. The mineral helps remove extra sodium from your body through your urine. Coconut water can even help lower blood pressure.

Other fruit juices can be high in added sugar, calories and carbs. Coconut water, on the other hand, is lower in calories, making it a good option for those who like sweet beverages.

Coconut water is 94% water and is fat-free and cholesterol-free. “For recreational drinking, you want to get one that is unsweetened and one that doesn’t have added sodium,” says Smith.

In the U.S. 11% of men and 6% of women have kidney stones at least once in their lifetime, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

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