Banana Exporters Lebanon

The Green Banana is highly regarded as an exceptional fruit due to its beneficial effects on digestive health and blood sugar regulation. Although it is typically consumed in its raw state, it offers remarkable advantages. Abundant in starch and pectin, it aids in promoting a healthy digestive system and contributes to maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.
To ensure the highest quality, our Green Bananas are cultivated under the careful guidance of our experienced farmers using natural methods. We take pride in delivering a product that is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

For extended freshness, our Green Bananas can be easily preserved by wrapping their stems with a plastic wrap. This simple technique helps to prolong their shelf life, allowing you to enjoy their deliciousness for an extended period of time.

Introducing our abundant Fresh Banana, packed with a wealth of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Not only does it provide a significant dose of essential minerals for skin and hair health, but it also serves as a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, perfect for creating a variety of delightful beverages, cakes, shakes, and more. In addition to its culinary uses, our Fresh Banana is an excellent aid for weight reduction due to its high fiber content. We take great care in packaging this banana to ensure its freshness and quality during delivery. It is cultivated in natural and hygienic plantations, guaranteeing a product free from harmful chemicals.

This remarkable banana is rich in vital nutrients that help regulate blood sugar levels and contribute to overall well-being. Its potent antioxidants not only facilitate weight loss but also combat cancer-causing free radicals within the body. Moreover, its easy-to-peel nature makes it a convenient snack that can aid in the fight against cancer. Furthermore, Fresh Banana promotes the growth of probiotic bacteria, leading to improved nutrient absorption. It effectively alleviates symptoms associated with constipation and various stomach syndromes, offering relief and promoting digestive health.

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